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An unyielding faith collides with a reign of persecution.

After a fearful Huguenot’s fragile world collapses at her parents’ arrest, will her unfurling destiny fulfill their legacy of defiance?

When soldiers arrest Suzanne Lacombe’s parents during a forbidden Protestant gathering, her hope of living in peace shatters. Now she shoulders much of the responsibility for keeping her family safe.


With her brother determined to join the rising resistance against King Louis XIV, the family’s daily life quavers on a razor’s edge. Governor Bâville and the ruthless priest who serves as his right-hand man are increasing pressure on the Huguenots––more arrests, more imprisonments, and more executions.


Adding to the danger is a prophetic gift Suzanne didn’t ask for and isn’t sure she wants. Being an inspirée, one of many Huguenot youths touched by an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, brands her as a heretic and an enemy of the Crown.


Can Suzanne overcome her fears and accept a destiny fitting for her time?



With persecution of the Huguenots intensifying, can her unbelief remain hidden?


Huguenot Jeanne Tessier has long hidden her lack of belief from her family and community. In 1683 France, one is Protestant (Huguenot) or Catholic - there are no other options. With 1200 dragoon soldiers sent by King Louis XIV to force the Huguenots to convert to his "one true faith," everything is about to change.


Unwilling to die for a God she's not sure exists and certainly cannot trust, Jeanne takes matters into her own hands, propelling her to discover who she is and who she truly loves.


Based on actual events in 1683, in what was then called St. Hippolyte de la Planquette, in the Cévennes region, and the over 500-year-old Château de Planque.


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